WordPress web developers & hosting specialists

We are WordPress experts who create custom websites and provide hosting services. Our team handles website design, coding, and implementation to meet our clients’ needs and goals. We specialize in WordPress hosting with plans for all business sizes, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum performance. Our goal is to help businesses establish a strong online presence with reliable websites and hosting services.

We specialise in all aspects of web development and software solutions

We create unique branding strategies to drive new business via multi-channel marketing solutions

We design and devlop custom WordPress websites and apps using the latest software and technologies

We create digital marketing campaigns to generate new customers and increase revenue

We custom build every project from concept, design, build & deployment

With best practice, we fine-tune your websites' SEO to increase your ranking on all search engines

We create social media profiles and maximise your techniques to increase your client base

Our portfolio

Pixel8, a web design agency with over two decades of experience, creates stunning, industry-specific websites that showcase a company’s brand identity while providing an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Our expertise includes e-commerce, manufacturing, non-profit, technology, car dealerships and healthcare provider websites, and we’ve developed custom content management systems that help businesses manage their online content more effectively.

As a trusted partner, Pixel8 delivers quality work that meets clients’ expectations and requirements, recognizing a website’s crucial role in a company’s brand and bottom-line. Below are a selection of our projects that best demostrate the work we provide;

World of Renewables

We created a news portal for World of Renewables, home of WoREA (The World Renewable Energy Association). With 16M monthly visitors, www.worldofrenewables.com is the largest renewable energy network on the planet.

Branding Website


Pixel8 created from design to conception, a search and booking platform for the growing mobile beauty industry. Our mandate was to build a portal for independent beauticians to be able to register, promote and grow their business to potential clients across the UK.


Some further information you might find useful

Q. What is a digital agency?

A digital agency provides various digital services that help businesses and organizations create effective digital strategies. These services range from website design, social media marketing, SEO, content creation, email marketing, online advertising, and more. Whether working on a project or a retainer agreement, the ultimate goal of digital agencies is to help clients achieve their business objectives by leveraging digital channels and technology. Companies must embrace digital solutions to stay competitive, and a digital agency can provide the expertise and resources needed to do so.

Q. What services does a digital agency provide?

A digital agency offers a range of services related to digital marketing, web development and design. These services include website design and development, SEO, PPC advertising, social media, email and content marketing, and mobile app development. Additionally, a digital agency may offer strategic consulting and planning, analytics, branding and project management. Some focus on specific areas while others offer a wide range of services to clients. The goal is to help businesses improve their online presence, drive engagement and conversions, and achieve their objectives.

Q. Hiring a digital agency vs hiring in-house: What is the difference?

Hiring a digital agency and hiring in-house are two different ways of handling digital marketing needs. A digital agency is an external partner that brings experience, expertise, and a team to achieve desired results. Hiring in-house offers the advantage of a dedicated team that understands company products and target audience but may lack knowledge and experience of a digital agency, resulting in increased costs and slower decision-making. Ultimately, the choice depends on specific needs and resources.

Q. What questions should you ask when interviewing a digital agency?

A digital agency is a company that leverages digital channels to grow their clients’ brands online. ls and technologies such as web design, digital marketing, creative design and app development.

Q. How do digital agencies charge for their services?

Digital agencies generally charge for their services in various ways. Some may charge a flat fee for a particular project, while others charge by the hour. Some digital agencies may also offer retainer agreements, where they charge a monthly fee for a set number of hours or services. Another way digital agencies may charge is through performance-based pricing, where the client pays for measurable results achieved through their services, such as conversion rates or website traffic. Additionally, some digital agencies may charge a percentage of the total media spend, particularly for advertising services. The exact pricing structure will vary depending on the digital agency and the specific services required by the client. It is important to discuss and agree upon pricing and services with the agency before starting any project.